A problem...with solutions

We're celebrating Plastic Free July and we thought what better time to share with you our favourite plastic free products. Reduce your plastic waste and shop these items for eco-friendly living.

The Ethical Straw Co.

Ever since we stumbled across The Ethical Straw Co. on Instagram we were in awe of their product. They offer a range of stainless steel straws in different shapes and sizes - they even come with a handy cleaning brush designed specially for the straws. They are a family run business based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Get your ethical straw here. 

Akhal Beauty

Skincare crafted by women's cooperatives with a percentage of every bottle sold going towards educating children in need. Certified organic, vegan, cruelty free and consciously packaged. Shop Akhal here.

Swell Bottle

Eco-friendly stainless steel water bottles. Ditch plastic water bottles for good. Get your Swell Bottle here.

Keep Cup

(Image source: @longshotcoffee @keepcup)

The plastic lids on takeaway coffee cups are a big contributor to plastic waste in our oceans so we opt to carry a Keep Cup with us to avoid the unnecessary plastic waste of coffee cups. Get your Keep Cup here.

The Charcoal Toothbrush (of course!)

Our bamboo toothbrush infused with activated charcoal goodness. Shop the collection. 

One last thing...

Have you seen ABC's War on waste documentary? We highly recommend watching it. Learn more about it here.

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